Submission Guidelines

Roundhouse News and Review (RH) is looking for publicly oriented true stories from students, alumni, staff and community members, at Sierra College campuses and their surrounding communities. RH wants stories that amplify community, connection and equity. Here’s what we’re looking for (see formatting directions below):

Do you feel like you have a story but are unsure how to tell it? Email us at and we’ll see if we can help you out.


We want stories that matter to students across Sierra’s campuses in Rocklin, Roseville, Tahoe-Truckee and Nevada County, including local stories, national and global news that intersects with your life, as well as stories on politics, sports, social movements and the environment.


Creative truths conveyed through writing, audio and/or visual media that raise first-person voices, points of view and/or talk back to the news.


Feature stories, profiles, interviews and reviews on areas such as education, arts and entertainment, food, media, technology and issues of health and healing.


Do you have a perspective often left out of mainstream media? RH creates space for historically unheard and marginalized voices. Crossroads welcomes news and true stories relevant to identities and cultures such as: First Peoples, Latino/a/x, immigrants, international students, veterans, working class folx, first-generation college goers, feminyx* stories, LGBTQ+ lives, people of color and more.

*These are stories that foreground equity for all women, including women of color and non-binary folks.


All stories should be relatively free from errors and follow standard AP conventions.

All text stories and poems should be submitted as a Doc, Docx attachment, or as a Google Doc with editing permission. The subject line should read: Your Last Name: Submission Title. 

Please include a two-sentence biography. If your work is accepted, we will request a color photo of you.

Photos and Graphics

Please submit all photos and graphics as high-resolution JPEGs or PNGs (minimum 400×400 px for author headshots, minimum 1000px wide for full-size images). All photography and graphics files must be titled: Your-Last-Name-Submission-Title.

Video and Audio

We accept video and audio! Videos must be uploaded to YouTube or Vimeo (can be unlisted). Share with us your video’s URL or the embed code.

Email your story or story idea to

Questions for Mz. Vagenta should be emailed to

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