Local Bear River Endangered by Centennial Dam

The above 10-minute video describes how Centennial Dam is endangering the Bear River in Colfax, California. Click above to learn more.

About Clyde Prout III

Clyde Prout III is Nisenan Maidu/Miwok, and is the 7th generation of the documented Prout family. He’s the current and youngest Tribal Chairman of the Colfax-Todd’s Valley Consolidated Tribe of the Colfax Rancheria. He’s spent most of his life surrounded by aunts, uncles, father and grandmother Lola (Gilbert) Prout. He learned his history, heritage and understanding of indigenous culture from family. Currently, Clyde protects and preserves tribal traditions, customs, ceremonies and sacred sites for all local native people.

Story by Clyde Prout III, Nisenan Maidu/Miwok | Video by John Marlow

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