Bike Messenger: Tasha Rose

legs of cyclist, Tasha Rose, by pink bike

Growing up around San Francisco, you see messenger bikers constantly. The speed, style, and rebellious nature was always fascinating to me. There are messenger bikers in almost every major city in the world, but none work harder than San Francisco’s. Brutal weather conditions, constant rolling hills, and some of the most hectic traffic on the planet, create a perfect ecosystem for talented cyclists to prove their skills.

I was lucky enough to photograph and speak with some of these messengers for this story, and interview Tasha Rose. Rose is a sponsored cyclist riding for All-City Cycles and King Kog Shop, and a full-time messenger with the Candlestick Courier collective. If there is a single person in the industry that people are inspired by, it is absolutely, Tasha Rose.

I decided to interview Rose due to her local recognition, her amazing attitude, and because she is very well-spoken. She provided me with a lot of information about being a bike messenger, and explained some struggles they face on a day to day basis.

Rose is a strong and inspiring woman on and off the bike, and continues to drive for added support for WTFs; women, transgender, and femme cyclists. She set aside some time to chat with me at her apartment on November 11th. In our conversation, we focus on her work in 2020. 


Thomas Edgington is a Journalism major at Sierra College. He plans to continue his studies in documentary and photojournalism.

Written and photographed by Thomas Edgington | Audio edited by Leonor Bright

Listen: Adele

Saxophone in black and white photo on a stand on a stage

Adele, Nevada County High School Senior

In this episode of Listen, I had the opportunity to interview my friend, Adele. She was in school band for many years. We talk about how she thinks the pandemic has affected high school band programs and what the future will bring.

Podcast by Leonor Bright

Listen: Norbert Stachel

Norbert Stachel with saxophone, sitting white beard, small smile

Norbert Stachel, Multi-Instrumentalist and Composer

In this episode of Listen, world-traveling musician Norbert Stachel talks about his humble beginnings in the Bay Area, how that led to a fulfilling career, and his current home and situation in New York City. He also talks about how the pandemic has affected his career.

For more about Norbert Statchel, see:

Norbert Stachel

Norbert Stachel on Spotify

Podcast by Leonor Bright

The Listen Show

Photo of Leonor Bright, long straight dark hair, silver dangly earrings and necklace, smiling


Hi Everyone!

Welcome to Listen! Just to tune you in on what this whole series is about, I’m a student of Journalism at Sierra College with an undying love for music. I wanted to create a story focusing on different perspectives within the music industry, and find out how these individuals have been affected by this pandemic.

There are seven episodes total, excluding this one and my final thank yous. Each episode features a different guest that I had the opportunity to interview talking about their experience in the pandemic. Really, it’s up to you to decide what order you want to go in. You can listen to all episodes, two episodes, five episodes, it really is up to you.

Seeing as this is my debut as a podcast host, this was a really enriching experience for me. I hope you people out there enjoy listening to this series as much as I enjoyed making it.

Thank you!


Here are the shows in the series:

Listen: Adele

Listen: Norbert Stachel

Listen: Trina Hill

Listen: Katie Knipp

Listen: Geoff Siegel

Listen: Sierra Contreras

Listen: Marigold

Listen: A Final Thank You 

Text & Podcast by Leonor Bright

Listen: Across the Music Scene in a Pandemic

Before the Pandemic Set In

Wow, I am so excited to see my friends for the first time in years. I did not think it would be this soon, but I am extremely glad for it. In a little over a month, April 18th, I will be seeing my friends in Marigold perform live for the very first time. The excitement is boiling up inside. I can barely contain it. Nothing else matters, I have to see this concert. With each passing day, I get more and more anxious, but it is less about my excitement.

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Listen: Katie Knipp

Katie Knipp sitting on couch with arms spread and legs crossed, long dark curly wavy hair

Katie Knipp, Blues Singer

In this episode of Listen, blues singer Katie Knipp talks about how her music career has been affected by the pandemic. She is currently working on her next album in a socially distant environment that still allows for the flow of creativity.

For more about Katie Knipp, see:

Katie Knipp

Podcast by Leonor Bright | Photo of Katie Knipp by Elle Jaye

Listen: Sierra Contreras

Sierra Contreras playing stand-up string instrument

Sierra Contreras, Sac State Music Major

In this episode of Listen, Sierra Contreras, a Music Major at Sacramento State University, talks about her experience with online school. We go over what she hopes for the future of music education and how the school is attempting live rehearsals.

Podcast by Leonor Bright 

Listen: Marigold

Marigold, Sacramento-based Punk Band

In this episode of Listen, punk band Marigold talks about how they started as a band, and their experiences recording and performing. They also go into how they are able to create new music throughout this pandemic.

For more about Marigold, see:

Marigold on Spotify

Instagram: @marigold916

Twitter: @marigold916

Podcast by Leonor Bright | Photo provided by Marigold

Listen: Geoff Siegel

Geoff Siegel portrait, suit jacket, crossed arms, long wavy hair, closed mouth smile

Geoff Siegel, Music Licensing and Former A&R

In this episode of Listen, music businessman and former A&R Geoff Siegel talks about his current experience licensing and the considerable slow-down in his work. He also talks about what the job would have been like had he still been an A&R.

For more about Geoff Siegel’s work, see:

Fundmental Music 

Podcast by Leonor Bright | Photo provided by Geoff Siegel

Study Drugs: Be Informed and Consider the Alternatives

Student holding head behind open laptop

It’s no secret that the college experience has included experimentation with drugs. When I think of drug use on campus, I picture sitting in circles on a grassy hill, smoking joints, trading revolutionary ideas, and experimenting with psychedelics like LSD. Fast forward a few decades and what you get is a complex drug problem that exists in colleges around the country, and the new juggernaut is the prescription drug trade.

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