Johnnie Terry’s Legacy: Building LGBTQ Studies

In this ten minute video, longtime LGBTQ studies and philosophy professor Johnnie Terry looks back on his experiences building Sierra College’s LGBTQ studies program completely from scratch, and other experiences he had as a LGBTQ professor and community leader as he approaches his retirement at the end of the spring 2024 semester.

Terry’s legacy includes building the second community college LGBTQ studies degree program in the state, in the face of questions about how it would be beneficial, which he in part attributes to a lack of LGBTQ representation while he was in college and beyond.  In 2020, the Association of American Universities surveyed 180,000 college students and found that nearly 17% identified as LGBTQ

The Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Education Network found in 2019 that only 19.4 percent of schools taught positive representations of LGBTQ history, while 17 percent taught negative representations. The Movement Advancement Project shows that only 7 states explicitly require LGBTQ inclusion in school curriculum. Terry believes these students deserve to be represented in and out of college.

Anchored and Video-Edited by Aidan Puentes | Recorded, Video-Edited, and Written by Alex Felt

Aidan Puentes is a LGBTQ+ Studies major at Sierra College. They plan on transferring to San Diego State University while working on their social media channel.


Alexandra Felt is a Romanian-American Journalism major at Sierra College, planning to transfer to Sacramento State University in the future to get her Bachelor’s degree.

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