SilverLinings with Johnathan Rutz

Everyone has rough days, everyone has hard times, and everyone is more than happy to share them. But these seem to be all we talk about now! So, in an attempt to bring about more good feelings in everyone, we here at SilverLinings have devoted our show to seeking out peoples’ internal optimists.

We asked people for their real-life silver linings on a range of topics all in the hopes of brightening up the day. So whether you’re listening for a good feeling morning wake-up, or a late-night boost of optimism, you’re sure to find something here in peoples’ SilverLinings.

Episode 1- Sierra Back from Isolation

In this 4:16 minute episode, we went online and on-ground to the Sierra College Rocklin campus asking students and staff for their silver linings from the pandemic. Something made better because of it and not worse. Enjoy everyone and don’t forget to look for the SilverLinings.

Episode 2- Schooling Through a Screen

In this 7:21 minute episode, we’ve asked for silver linings about online schooling and what positives may have come through schooling by screen. You’ll hear from students, staff, optimists, and some pessimists as we look back for the SilverLinings. 


Editor’s Note: This podcast and its episodes were reported by gathering multiple interviews with Sierra College students, staff, and community members during the fall, 2021 term. Rutz conducted interviews on-ground and online, designed and scripted the show and its episodes, and crafted a performative voice as a we on a team. In fact, he worked independently reporting, recording audio, editing, and producing the entire show. Music in the intro, “asweetfeeling,” and outro, “asimpleway” is drawn from the Camtasia 2021 Library. Special thanks to Editorial Team member, Madalyn Wright for lay-out and cover art.

Produced and Reported by Johnathan Rutz | Cover Art by Madalyn Wright

Johnathan Rutz is a Journalism major from Auburn. He plans to transfer to Sacramento State in 2022 and continue in the Major.

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