Welding Her Way to the Top: Snow Shines at Thunderhill

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On Feburary 23rd, 2024 Thunderhill Raceway was alive with the pulse of racing engines and the buzz of excitement. Amidst the electrifying atmosphere, 19-year-old welding prodigy and Sierra College student, Erica Snow, takes center stage and defies all odds. 

Erica Snow winning the “Index of Effluency,” Grand Prize at the 24 Hours of Lemons race at Thunderhill Raceway, Willows, Calif., Feb. 23, 2024. Snow’s the first female, the first individual, and the youngest to ever win the award. Photo and graphic by Nic Pon.

“I’ve always been intrigued by the mechanics of cars and the precision of welding,” Snow reminisced in an interview after the 24 Hours of Lemons race, reflecting on the passion that drove her journey from childhood tinkering to academic welding pursuits.

Snow’s involvement at this 24 Hours of Lemons event took an unexpected turn when she noticed that several cars failed to meet the stringent safety standards to participate. To compete, vehicles must cost 500 dollars or less. Many racers faced the possibility of being sidelined due to technical deficiencies, primarily in their vehicle’s welding and structural integrity.

With a practical mindset and an altruistic spirit, Snow stepped up, torch in hand, offering her welding expertise to ensure that every racer who could be helped was back on track. 

The 24 Hours of Lemons event, known for its celebration of automotive ingenuity, provided Snow with a unique platform to demonstrate her dedication and skill at Thunderhill. Snow’s presence was a breath of fresh air to many racers that needed help. 

Her humor-infused paper-plate sign declaring, “Will weld for food,” was a playful nod to her serious commitment to safety and efficiency. It was a sight that sparked smiles and curiosity among fellow enthusiasts.

“The race was an incredible chance to showcase my skills in a real-world setting,” Snow remarked, her eyes sparkling with the thrill of the experience.

Erica Snow in cap working in the pit at the 24 Hours of Lemons race, photo by Ben Winters.

“The pits were like a big, chaotic family reunion where everyone helps out,”

Snow laughed, explaining the spirit of collaboration and mutual support at the event.

At Thunderhill, Snow achieved a milestone that set her apart from the rest. She won the Grand Prize Award, the prestigious Index of Effluency (IOE), as the first female, the youngest ever, and as an individual. The award is a recognition of exceptional ingenuity, performance, and humor under challenging conditions.

Snow reflected on the broader impact of her accomplishments and said:

“I hope my journey inspires more females to explore their interests in automotive and technical fields, demonstrating that success is determined by skill and perseverance, not gender.” 

Behind Snow’s success lies a narrative of breaking stereotypes. Her journey isn’t just about personal achievement but about inspiring a new generation of women to explore technical fields with confidence and determination.

A pivotal figure in Snow’s journey is Sierra College Welding instructor and chair of the Welding department, Aleda Vaughn. Snow said, “Vaughn is one of those people where on first impression, you will never forget her after that. She’s very honest to the point blunt, you know what is expected of yourself immediately when you meet her. And after having a five minute conversation with her, even though I’d already signed up for classes and none of them had to do anything with welding, I’m like, I wanna learn under her. I wanna learn under that woman. I wanna weld.” Vaughn has played an important role in shaping Snow’s expertise and passion for welding. 

Snow’s story is a compelling narrative of passion, mentorship, and the limitless possibilities that unfold when talent meets opportunity. In the world of racing and welding, Erica Snow’s name is one that promises excitement, innovation, and a journey worth following.


Written and Reported by Stephanie Ulatowski | Featured Photo by Ben Winters

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Stephanie Ulatowski is a Philosophy Major at Sierra College and was raised in Grass Valley, California. She plans on taking her Philosophy Degree to UC Berkeley in fall 2024. Her passions include Health Law and Advocacy.

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