Listen: Geoff Siegel

Geoff Siegel portrait, suit jacket, crossed arms, long wavy hair, closed mouth smile

Geoff Siegel, Music Licensing and Former A&R

In this episode of Listen, music businessman and former A&R Geoff Siegel talks about his current experience licensing and the considerable slow-down in his work. He also talks about what the job would have been like had he still been an A&R.

For more about Geoff Siegel’s work, see:

Fundmental Music 

Podcast by Leonor Bright | Photo provided by Geoff Siegel

Bend, Not Break: My Grandmother’s Story

I was born in Redding, California. Redding is a small town. It’s the kind of small town that even if it grows, it maintains that small town feel. I always thought of Redding as being small of mind as well. There is not a lot of diversity in Redding, and there is still a lot of racism. There is also a lot of poverty. Though I didn’t live there long, my grandparents have always been in Redding, and I’ve seen them like a beacon of light in the small town.

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Tales of a PetSmart Employee

“Do you have a phone number with us?” I ask, my hands poised over the number pad on the register.

“Yeah I might. Wait, where am I? Petco? PetSmart?” the customer asks.

“PetSmart,” I answer with my classic retail-friendly smile.

Yes, I know. No one else gives a crap about the trivial differences between pet stores with similar names. I didn’t even care until I started working at PetSmart over a year ago. Now, it stings a little every time someone mistakes our store for a –co instead of a –smart.

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